About Us

At BirdsEye Advisory Group, our unique experience and knowledge will help you achieve the results you desire. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and shape the strategy that fits your vision. Reap the advantages of working with bright and passionate strategists who infuse working relationships with energy and fun.

Our Story

How We Got Here

BirdsEye Advisory Group was hatched after the sale of Avian Adventures to Midwest Homes for Pets.  Carol loved the process of selling her company and realized that she was pretty good at it! She believed her love of connecting people with opportunities, combined with her financial and operating background, could really benefit pet industry entrepreneurs when they were ready to sell their businesses.  So, after passing her Series 79, 63, and working with two middle-market investment banks (while simultaneously operating BirdsEye), she is now happily and passionately realizing her dream of helping pet business owners when they are ready to exit their business or make acquisitions.

Erin Fenstermaker and Carol Frank’s relationship goes back to the early 2000’s, when they were introduced by a mutual friend and bonded over a love of animals.  In 2004, Carol hired Erin to be Avian Adventures’ Director of Sales and Operations, a role she played until the company was sold.  Since they worked so well together and their skill-sets were complementary, Carol brought Erin into BirdsEye a few years later.  Over the years, Erin has honed her M&A skills and is now a master at writing marketing materials, managing due diligence, and advising on exit planning. 


Our Team

Carol Frank

Carol Frank

Owner, Investment Banker, MBA, CM&AA

Erin Fenstermaker

Erin Fenstermaker

Certified Exit Planning Advisor, MBA, ABCDT

Kim Medina

Kim Medina

Executive Assistant

Areas of Expertise

Pet Industry Investment Banking

Carol Frank’s experience participating in the sale of four of her own pet companies combined with being a CPA/MBA gives her a one-of-a-kind perspective as a pet industry M&A expert.  Since becoming an M&A advisor in 2009, Carol has participated in over twenty pet industry M&A transactions. Please note that BAG does not engage in raising capital for startup or early stage companies.

Exit Planning Strategists

Are you considering the sale of your company within the next few years and want to ensure you will receive maximum value? BirdsEye Advisory Group will work with you through our highly sophisticated exit planning process to ensure your business will be ready when the time comes.

Who We Serve

Growing pet companies with a minimum of $10 million in revenue, tracking at least $2 million in EBITDA, and who have a desire to eventually sell a minimum of 50% of their business. 

Our Values

Professional yet Personal

Work well with all types of people, enjoys making personal connections while simultaneously working relentlessly for a successful outcome


Conduct ourselves with Honesty and Integrity in everything we do


Partner with clients who are aligned with our values and demonstrate the potential to succeed


An honest love and passion for all animals is evident in all of our work


Go above and beyond for our clients because we have walked in their shoes


Authentic and Transparent in all of our communications 

Community Service

Pro bono work for pet charitable organizations and volunteering for pet causes